1822 Series Tile Holders Added and Shipping with Waves 2 and 3
1822 Series Tile Holders Added and Shipping with Waves 2 and 3
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Preorder and Shipping Plans

Updated September 10, 2020

The most important thing to understand about this process is that there is planned to be limited mass production game availability except during preorder windows. I hope these will last a while at the fulfillment centers, but I have no plan to reprint games that go out of stock unless there is sufficient demand.

Shipping Schedule (details below)

Waves 1-2 (18Chesapeake, 1817, 18MEX, 1849, 1882, 1822MX, 18NewEngland, Rolling Stock Stars)

  • Wave 2 Manufacturing September-November 2020 (remainder of Wave 1 will ship from factory with Wave 2)
  • Ocean shipping November 2020
  • Local Shipping November-December 2020
Wave 3 (1822/extras, 18Ireland, 18MS, 18West)
  • Preorders end October 31, 2020
  • Manufacturing November 2020-January 2021
  • Ocean Shipping January 2021
  • Local shipping February 2021

Wave 4 (1822CA, Harzbahn 1873, 1837)

  • Preorders January-Februrary 2021
  • Manufacturing February-April 2021
  • Ocean Shipping April 2021
  • Local shipping May 2021

AAG Wave 1 Games

Current Status: Available for shipping in the US/Canada, shipping with Wave 2 for the rest of the world

The Wave 1 Games are:
  • 18Chesapeake (sold out at US warehouse, will ship with Wave 2)
  • 1817
  • 18MEX
Shipping Plans
    • Preorders made before the Wave 1 cutoff (order #2577, March 23) shipped May 2020.
    • Preorder window for ended August 31, 2020. Once the remaining supply sells out at each fulfillment center, it will not be restocked.

      AAG Wave 2 Games (Summer 2020 Production Then Fulfillment)

      Current Status: Currently manufacturing Sep-Nov, then one month for ocean shipping, a couple weeks for local deliveries. The schedule is that they will begin ocean shipping November 10th.

      The Wave 2 Games are:
      • 1849
      • 1882
      • 1822MX
      • 18NewEngland
      • Rolling Stock Stars
      Shipping Plans
      • Preorder window for Wave 2 ended August 31, 2020. Once the remaining supply sells out at each fulfillment center, it will not be restocked.

        AAG Wave 3 Games (Late 2020 Production Then Fulfillment)

        Current Status: Currently finalizing rules, manufacturing planned October-December 2020, one month of ocean shipping, and a couple weeks for local deliveries.

        The Wave 3 Games are:
        • 1822
        • 1822 Scenario Boards
        • 18Ireland
        • 18MS
        • 18West (added September 1, 2020)

        Shipping Plans

        • Customers should order Wave 3 games by October 31, 2020 ensure delivery in the Wave 3 fulfillment.

        AAG Wave 4 Games (2021)

        Current Status: Planned to go up for preorder January 1, 2021. Target date for ocean shipping starting April 2021.

        The Wave 4 Games currently include:
        • 1822CA
        • Harzbahn 1873
        • 1837

        Future Wave ???

        • 18USA, waiting on agreements, no proposed timeline

        Future of Hand-Made Games

        • Hand-made games - Limited supplies of these will become available for once the mass production games take up less time. Possibly early 2021, but this will continue to slide out further to prioritize the mass production games.
          • 1761
          • 1858
          • 1879
        All-Aboard Games started several years ago, first as a hobby, then fulfilling orders for Deep Thought Games, and now designing and publishing on a larger scale. I am one of the lucky few that gets to turn their passion into a day job (and their basement into an 18xx game factory).
        With that being said, it takes a lot to hand-make games. Resources, time, space, and a lot of physical energy. I'm going to be focusing more of that toward coordinating mass-production games now and in the future. I'll still be hand-making some games, but on a limited basis.

        So, as time frees up to hand make games, these will be made available on the web store. An announcement for any new copies in the store will be made to the AAG mailing list. Titles that are not expected to be mass production in the short term will be prioritized: 1761, 1858, and 1879. Some hand-made copies of other games may also be made available from extra parts.
        I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone that helped me get this far. Designers, play-testers, the AAG team, and all of our customers and fans.