1860 Kickstarter Jan 26-Feb 9, Wave 4 preorders now through February 28
1860 Kickstarter Jan 26-Feb 9, Wave 4 preorders now through February 28
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Preorder and Shipping Plans

Updated January 19, 2020
Next update planned for January 22, 2020

The most important thing to understand about this process is that there is planned to be limited game availability except during preorder windows. I hope these will last a while at the fulfillment centers, but I generally have no plan to reprint games that go out of stock.

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Shipping Schedule (details below)

Wave 2 (18Chesapeake, 1817, 18MEX, 1849, 1882, 1822MX, 18NewEngland, Rolling Stock Stars)

  • Add-on orders closed on December 15, 2020 (last Wave 2 order was #6096)
  • Shipping from factory to fulfillment centers began November 23, 2020 (to local hubs in Asia, Australia, US, Germany)
  • Local Shipping January 2021 (most orders expected to arrive January 2021)
    • Asia local shipping began mid-January from VFI
    • US/Canada shipping begins approximately January 22, 2021, arrived in port January 10 (1/2 shipments arrived at the fulfillment center, second shipment expected January 29)
    • Australia, shipping from fulfillment center begins approximately week of January 25
    • EU/rest of the world shipping begins approximately late-January 2021, began shipping 1/19
    • UK shipping may be delayed during Brexit transition, expected to ship approximately two weeks after EU shipping.
Wave 3 (1822/Kickstarter/extras, 18Ireland, 18MS, 18West) + (Orders December 16 and later: 18Chesapeake, 1817, 18MEX, 1849, 1882, 1822MX, 18NewEngland, Rolling Stock Stars)
  • Preorders ended October 31, 2020
  • Manufacturing November 2020-January 2021
  • Add-on orders closed on January 15, 2020 (last Wave 3 order was #6711)
  • Ocean Shipping late-January 2021 (shipping from factory to local hubs in Asia, Australia, US, Germany, UK)
  • Local shipping February-March 2021 (most orders expected to arrive March 2021)

Wave 4 (18USA, 1822CA, Harzbahn 1873, 1837)

  • Preorders begin January 1, 2021
  • Manufacturing begins when preorder sales target is reached, manufacturing completion no earlier than April 2021
  • Ocean Shipping after manufacturing, no earlier than April 2021
  • Local shipping about one month after ocean shipping, no earlier than May 2021

    Future of Hand-Made Games

    • Hand-made games - A batch of these games is made available January 1, 2021. This batch is expected to be the only availability for these games in 2021.
      • 1761
      • 1858
      • 1879
    All-Aboard Games started several years ago, first as a hobby, then fulfilling orders for Deep Thought Games, and now designing and publishing on a larger scale. I am one of the lucky few that gets to turn their passion into a day job (and their basement into an 18xx game factory).
    With that being said, it takes a lot to hand-make games. Resources, time, space, and a lot of physical energy. I'm going to be focusing more of that toward coordinating mass-production games now and in the future. I'll still be hand-making some games, but on a limited basis.

    So, as time frees up to hand make games, these will be made available on the web store. An announcement for any new copies in the store will be made to the AAG mailing list. Titles that are not expected to be mass production in the short term will be prioritized: 1761, 1858, and 1879. Some hand-made copies of other games may also be made available from extra parts.
    I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone that helped me get this far. Designers, play-testers, the AAG team, and all of our customers and fans.