18Ireland and 18MS Preorders open July 1
18Ireland and 18MS Preorders open July 1
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  • I would like to order an AAG game that is not currently listed for preorder.
    • I am current out of blank boards for making games. These will ship along with the mass manufactured games currently up for preorder (Feb 2020). At that point, I will make some games available and others I expect to announce to be mass manufactured and put up for preorder (titles to be decided).
  • There’s a problem with my order/game. Can you help?
    • Please use the contact form below to report any issues with your games. This includes missing items or tokens, incorrect items, prototype rules, and more. Let us know exactly what needs to be corrected and we will take care of it.
  • What is the status of my Kickstarter or preorder (18Chesapeake, 18MEX, 1817)?
    • All items currently marked pre-order will ship approximately the same time expected December 2019-February 2020.
  • What is the status of my hand-made game order? How long will it take to receive a handmade game (1822/18Ireland/1849/etc)?
    • All paid orders will ship when we receive our shipment of blank boards (along with mass produced preorders) December 2019-February 2020. I greatly appreciate your patience.
  • I moved since I placed my order and need to update my address.
    • 18Chesapeake addresses will be confirmed via a backer survey and other order addresses will be confirmed before shipping via email. If you have further concerns, use the contact form below and explain the situation.
  • I missed the pre-order period for a mass printed game. Can you honor the international pricing for me?
    • Unfortunately I cannot honor the international pre-order shipping price once the pre-order period closes. As many of my international customers know, shipping from the US is very expensive. Be sure to pre-order next time for any international mass printings.


  • I live outside of the US and I am wondering if you can calculate my shipping costs for me to (Insert Country Here)?
    • Use the checkout process to determine exact shipping costs. Previously, I advised customers to use the USPS website to calculate their costs. Hopefully it is much more simple now.
  • I live outside the US and I was wondering if there is a way to save on shipping costs?
    • Although USPS international shipping is quite expensive, it is still less costly than other options. Possibly orders of 100+ games could be shipped via pallet and I could look into that, but any fewer and it will be less expensive to ship via standard USPS (believe it or not).

Requests for free/promotional items

  • I am hosting a convention/have a gaming podcast/review games on YouTube/etc. Could you could donate or provide games to me at no cost?
    • We appreciate your interest, however, our long-standing policy is as follows: No free games. (My own brother pays.)
  • Where can I find Print and Play files for your games?
    • Print and play files are generally not available. We have put in a lot of work developing these games, and there are no plans to release the files for print and play in the future.