See low stock list of games soon to go out of print!
See low stock list of games soon to go out of print!
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  • What are the latest updates about Wave 6? (18Svea, 18BE, 1849 Expansion, 18Tokaido)
    • Wave 6 Information Hub
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    • Preorder games will ship out first with their respective "wave."
    • Fulfillment is worldwide as soon as the games arrive to the local fulfillment center. For most customers, this begins about one month after manufacturing completes.
    • Send address updates using the contact form below (ASAP please).
  • How fast do web shop orders ship?
    • US: Typically within 2-3 business days
    • Canada: Typically 2-3 weeks
    • Europe/UK: Typically 1-3 weeks
    • Rest of the World: 4-6 weeks
  • I would like to buy a game that is sold out. Will it be reprinted?
    • Probably not. See this link for ideas on acquiring out of print games once they are out of stock/print.
  • There’s a problem with my order/game. Can you help?
    • Please use the contact form below to report any issues with your games. This includes missing items or tokens, incorrect items, prototype rules, and more. Let us know exactly what needs to be corrected and to help take care of it.


    • I live outside of the US and I am wondering if you can calculate my shipping costs for me to (Insert Country Here)?
      • Use the checkout process to determine exact shipping costs. 

      Requests for free/promotional items

      • I am hosting a convention/have a gaming podcast/review games on YouTube/etc. Could you could donate or provide games to me at no cost?
        • We appreciate your interest, however, our long-standing policy is as follows: No free games.
      • Where can I find Print and Play files for your games?
        • Print and play files are generally not available. We have put in a lot of work developing these games, and there are no plans to release the files for print and play in the future.