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US/CA - 18USA Expansion
US/CA - 18USA Expansion
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US/CA - 18USA Expansion

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18USA is an expansion of the 1817 game.

This expansion requires a copy of 1817 to play. For example, players use the companies, tiles, and trains from 1817. The full game is sold separately and includes a selection of 20 major historical American railroads. The full game includes the expansion components and also the rest of the components to be a standalone playable game with no other items except a bank (poker chips, for example).

Contains (boxed in a normal size box, same size as 18Chesapeake, for example):

  • 1 game board
  • 1 stock market board
  • Full game rulebook
  • 42 cards (private companies and trains)
  • 18USA Bank of NY
  • 4 Punchboards (tiles and chits)