Wave 5 Pledge Manager Now Open!
Wave 5 Pledge Manager Now Open!
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Wave 5 Information Hub

Wave 5 Information Hub

Last update February 22, 2023
Next update planned for April 1, 2023

Gamefound Pledge Manager is live!

  • Late pledges
  • Kickstarter address survey/updates (all non-bundles pledges)

This page provides information and updates about the AAG Wave 5 production and shipping schedule. See the main catalog for games currently in stock for shipping now.

Orders for Wave 5 games were taken in various ways:

  • June 1-7 AAG Shop preorders: These orders are ready to ship once production is complete.
  • Kickstarter
    • Bundle pledges (pledges for all five boxed games): Address surveys were sent in July through Kickstarter.
    • All other pledges will require customers to use the pledge manager, Gamefound. The pledge manager is anticipated to begin in late October.
  • Late Pledges and order additions will be possible via Gamefound when this project opens there. Please subscribe to the AAG newsletter for updates.

Please send a note to the AAG contact form if you need to add items or change your address after you already submitted it.

Production Schedule (tentative, will be updated throughout the process)

  • Preproduction: July 2022-March 2023
  • Mass production: April-June 2023
  • Ocean Freight: August 2023 (also shipping within Asia during this period)
  • Local Shipping: September-October 2023