See low stock list of games soon to go out of print!
See low stock list of games soon to go out of print!
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December 2023 Shop Update


Wave 6 Preorders

Preorders will be available during December 2023 only. Then there will be no way to order the games until the preorders are fulfilled (remainder copies post fulfillment). See below for the process for selling remainder copies for Wave 5. The process is expected to be similar for Wave 6.

It's possible to order Wave 6 games along with other games to save on shipping, but any games that aren't completely composed of in stock games will be delayed until all items are in stock. Please place separate orders if you want immediate shipments.

The new items for Wave 6 are:

  • Games
    • 18Svea (Jonas Jones)
    • Ur: 1830 BC (Jeroen Doumen, Joris Wiersinga)
    • 18BE Railways in the Coal Dust (François Mahieu)
  • Expansions
    • 1849 Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Scott Petersen)
    • 18Tokaido (18Chesapeake Expansion, by Douglas Triggs)

18Texas Available For Sale Starting December 1, 2023 (Ships After Wave 5 Fulfillment)

This is a new game by Scott Petersen and is a simple, short, incremental capitalization game that mirrors what 18Chesapeake had for full capitalization games. It's as simple of an incremental capitalization game as I find appealing as a full 18xx game experience. It's a great way to learn and teach 18xx if you don't like full capitalization style games and want very simple rules. The rules are only 8 pages.

The game is based on 1851 by Chris Lawson. While I like that game, and especially the simple rules, I wanted to make a game that is more flexible in how it can be played with better replayability.

18West Last Day for Ordering is December 31

With new games coming into stock, there is a need to let some old games go. The first one will be 18West which will no longer be available for ordering after December 31, 2023. Some other slow-selling games will also be removed in 2024 (TBD) so please be sure to order the games you want while they are available.

Wave 5 Remaining Games/Shipping Update

Shipping update

Half the remaining copies of the Wave 5 games are going up for sale. These will ship from the US/Germany/UK warehouses. The rest of the copies will go for sale sometime mid-2024 after the preorder fulfillment is determined to be complete (announced in newsletter).

18NY 120 123
18SJ 114 117
18GB 106 109
21Moon 63 66
1822PNW 38 40
1817NA/WO 0 0
1817 Volatility 0 0
18NewEngland 2 Board 0 0
18NewEngland 2 Companies 0 0