18Ireland and 18MS Preorders open July 1
18Ireland and 18MS Preorders open July 1
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Group Orders

Group Orders Policy

If you Kickstarted 1822 at the 10 copy level (thank you!), you are eligible to add on more copies of Wave 3 games (1822, 18Ireland, and 18MS) with a discount of $10 per game and no extra shipping. Please use the contact form to request a one-time discount code. The additional order needs to match the Kickstarter name/email and shipping address.

If you would like to place a new group order for 10 or more games, please similarly use code 10ITEMSORMORE (this code will be activated in July with the new preorders). The code requires a minimum of 10 Wave 3 games to become active.

There is currently no discount offer for retailers.