1822 Kickstarter June 2-June 30
1822 Kickstarter June 2-June 30
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1822 Kickstarter FAQ

When will the 1822 Kickstarter run?
  • Tuesday June 2- Tuesday June 30 (10am Central US time, 5pm Central Europe Time)
When will rewards be delivered?
  • The game is already starting preproduction with the factory so the first rewards are expected to be delivered November 2020 with reward completion planned for December 2020.
Why use Kickstarter? AAG has published other mass printed games without Kickstarter.
  • Last year’s 18Chesapeake Kickstarter was a huge success. Kickstarter is a good way to reach a broader audience than follows general releases from AAG. 1822 has been requested often for mass printing and the Kickstarter can help bring attention and reach a wide audience that might be looking for the next big 18xx game.
What will be included? Are there any gameplay changes?
  • The Kickstarter version of 1822 will ship with everything needed to play all the published 1822 scenarios.
    • The full 1822 game
    • 1822+
    • 1822 Medium Regional Scenario
    • 1822 North Regional Scenario
The only “new” item is the North Regional Scenario which is also possible to play with a future PnP overlay using the 1822+ components.
The components will have minor graphic updates from the hand-made version that will not affect gameplay. Here is a sample.

Will there be any stretch goals?
  • Yes, but not in the conventional way. 18Chesapeake’s stretch goals were an enormous success and set a new standard for how all the mass produced AAG titles have been made. I can't bear to see 1822 produced in a lesser manner! If 1822 meets the funding goal, all of the 18Chesapeake component quality stretch goals will be included.
  • I have a couple ideas about extra “quality of life” stretch goals too! If you have ideas for before the Kickstarter please share them in this BGG thread.
I already have some 1822 gear? What items will be sold separately?
  • MRS/NRS Scenarios Board. The 1822 Medium Regional Scenario / North Regional Scenario board is available separately. This is the first time the North Regional Scenario has been made available and is printed on the reverse side of the Medium Regional Scenario. I will only print enough extra copies to fulfill those preorders during the campaign via this link (to be activated when the KS launches).
  • Replacement full game 1822+ board. The hand-made 1822 copies came with a 3-part board. The Kickstarter mass printing will have a single six fold board of the same size. Since I can now have extra copies of the six-fold board made, I am also opening these for orders during the campaign. Since I don’t know how many copies will be desired, I will only print enough extra copies to fulfill those preorders during the campaign via this link (to be activated when the KS launches).
  • 1822+ is offered as a hand-made item via this link (to be activated when the KS launches). Please request via the AAG contact form and I will send a PayPal invoice for $10 plus shipping (one copy is $6 US, ~$13-$15 international).
But please remember, the 1822 reward in this campaign already includes everything needed to play all of the scenarios built in!

What size box will 1822 be? Will the scenario board and components fit in the box?
  • 1822 is planned to be 30 cm x 25 cm x 9.4 cm (12 in x 10 in x 3.7 in) and everything that comes with the main reward fits in the box! It is the same footprint as other AAG mass produced games, but thicker. It is the same size as the AAG mass produced 1817.
I would like to coordinate a group order or I am a retailer. What kind of group buy offers are available?
  • If you would like to order more copies than the pledge amounts allow, please message me using the contact form during the campaign to arrange to buy more copies at the 10 copy pledge rate with no extra shipping cost beyond the KS pledge shipping.
Is this the end of 1822 (UK)? Will there be any future items that further extend this game?
  • I think this is all. Simon has already set his sights on an even more expansive game, tentatively titled 1866: German and Italian Unification, which covers most of Western Europe. This is a new kind of 18xx game that has very little in common with 1822.
Will there be any other games included with this third wave of mass production games from AAG?
  • 18Ireland and 18MS are also in preproduction and will available to order starting at the conclusion of this campaign, July 1, 2020.
    • 18Ireland is Ian Scrivins’s clever game of railroad mergers and tricky track building. 3.5-4.5 hours.
    • 18MS is Mark Derrick’s beginner-friendly small “one state” game that was originally published along with 18Dixie, but is now offered in a standalone version. The new edition has rules and component changes to open more strategic decision making while retaining the short 10 round game structure. 1.5-2 hours.
    What about future mass produced games?
    • As long as the mass production efforts continue to be successful, I hope to keep releasing games on a regular basis including 1822CA, Harzbahn 1873, and more! But Wave 3 including 1822, 18MS, 18Ireland is probably all for 2020.